Cloth Ornaments

Stuffed Cloth Animal Strings

Cloth Ornaments

Strings- 24", 36" Fish Multi, Fish Blue, Dragonflies, Chicken blue, Turtle, Cats

Strings - 20, 30 ornaments- Sphere, Tilonia

String- 10 elephant string

Tilonia- Turq/BGrn

Tilonia Multi

Tilonia Blue

Tilonia Red

Fish Multi

Fish Blue,

Chicken Blue

Tilonia Turq/Blue

Starry Night Blk



Multi Cat Black Cats



Single Fish 6"

NOTE: 24" strings

Fish, Cat, Turtle, Animals- the size of the ornaments in the 24" string is smaller. Shown in picture of Fish and Turtle strings

Cloth Animals - the larger animals are made with old Kutch embroidered pieces. The smaller animals have new recycled fabric.

Elephants, Camel, Horses -

Sizes- Tiny, XS, S, M ,L, XL

Range from 2" to 18"