2017 new prints are shown in first three rows

All other prints shown alphabetically

Canton Flower* AUG

Gulkharia* AUG

Iznik * AUG

Jupiter Red*


Padmini *

Tablecloths and napkins

60x60 60x90,

60x120 ALL

86" marked with *

Napkins 20x20 ALL

Patricia* AUG

Phoenix Blue*

Retro Black SEPT

Sea Fan Coral *

Sea Fan Turq *

Sea Horse* AUG

Sindh Red *

Spanish Tile *

Summervine* AUG

Tribes Geometric

Agra Moss

Asian Lotus Yellow *

Bluet *


Blue Diamond

Calico Blue *

Coral Blue*

Coral Green *

Dice Black *

Fortuny Chart/Grey

Jallore *

Jewel Green *

Keri Paisley*

Lal Qila *

Latesia *

Leaf & Fthr Verde *

Lima Flower *

Maya Blue *

Medallion Blue *

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