2015 New Prints in First three rows.

ETA of prints in 1st row is August/Sept

Harbor NEW

Lal Qila NEW

Red Chilli NEW

Shadow Paisley NEW

Sulavesi Wht NEW

Toulouse NEW

Tablecloths and napkins

60x60 60x90 ALL

86" round - Asian Lotus, Bluet, Mehraab, Sea Shell, Agra, Nargis, Nona, Acorn, Angel F, Art Deco, Coral Starfsh, Chrysanth. Lotus,Horte, Jardin

60x120 -all NEW prnts and Agra, AngelF, Coral Starfish, Chrysanth, Dice, Fortuny, Horte, Indo F

RUNNER- 13X60 Fortuny,Coral Starfsh, Chrysanthemum, Horte

Napkins 20x20 ALL

Asian Lotus Yellow NEW

Bluet NEW

Coral Diamond NEW

Marrakesh NEW

Mehraab Indigo/Turq NEW

Nargis NEW

Nona Apple Green NEW

Pink Carnation NEW

Sea Fan Coral

Sea Shell Pastel NEW


Angel Fish Marine

Coral Starfish Blue

Coral Starfish Green

Chrysanthemum Blue


Fortuny Blue/Green NO NAPKINS

Fortuny Ch/Grey

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