Block printed fabric - Wood blocks in Sheesham wood are hand carved by artisans. Each color is printed with a different block to complete the motif being printed. A high degree is required for both the placement of block na d application of pressure. Altogether there can be as many as 16 blocks to create a 5 color design. A set of blocks can be used to print on average 1500 - 2000 yards of fabric after which some have to be replaced.

The colors we use for printing are derived from non toxic chemical and mineral dyes. We also use vegetable dyes. Chemicals dyes have replaced vegetable pigments to withstand present day washing and color-fast requirements and to allow for a wider range of colors. A block printed cloth reflects the touch of a human hand, the sensibility and skill of the craftsman, making every piece unqiue.

Hand block printing

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Hand-block printed Napkins

Hand-block printed Tablemats

Table runner - Hand- block Printed and Hand woven

Printed 18"x18" throw pillow covers

Handblock printed Tablecloths

Over the past several years we have developed a partnership with artisan groups and suppliers in creating and developing products that are suitable for the western market.

It is our endeavor to support craftsman from different parts of India by buying and selling their products at fair prices.

These products are handmade using traditional craft techniques. Minor variations in size and color may occur.

Homespun Hand-woven Solid colored napkins and basket weave placemats

Hand-woven Dishtowels