Kashmiri Namdas- Namda is the craft of making carpets by felting. Kashmiri namda rugs are made of unspun wool or a wool/cotton mix which is pressed and felted. You can find plain unadorned namdas in solid colors or embroidered ones with traditional kashmiri chainstitch embroidery.

The 'Fairies' namdas having been produced in the traditional way, with input for the embroidery pattern from our design team. Namda rugs are seldom perfectly symmetrical and may vary in size by 1/2" to 3/4" .

Available in 2'x3' and 3'x5' . 100% Wool. DRY CLEAN ONLY

100% Cotton

Namda Fairies 2'x3'

Namda Fairies 3'x5'