Birds, Butterflies and Bees

Leaping frog Lt.Blue

Bizzy Bee

Dragonfly Blue

Dragonfly Green

Butterfly Multi

Butterfly Blue

Leaping frog Red

Rooster Blue


Two Fish

African Elephant

Bull Frog 12x16"


African Daisy

Brown eyed Susan

Three Frogs

Five Koi Blue

Five Koi Marine

09"x19" & 12x16" pillows are sold with inserts.

18"x18" pillows can be purchased with or without inserts. Inserts are priced separately

Fish School Blue/grey

Birds on a Limb Navy

Birds on a Limb Lt.Aq

Birds on a Limb Orange

Bubble fish

Fish School Marine

Birds on a Limb D.Blue

Birds on a Limb L.Blue

Birds on a Limb Grass

Birds on a Limb Yellow

2 Fish Orange