table cloths

printed napkins, woven table cloths, printed shower curtains, stuffed Indian elephants, horse,camel, animal strings

Natural Habitat is a wholesale company. We sell to retail stores only.

" If you light a lamp for someone, it will also brighten your path" - Gautam Buddha.

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Parveen scissors

handmade tailor scissors

The Annex - Home to Sheffield Yoga Studio, a Yoga and wellness Center

Hand Block Printed Table-linens

Bedding- Printed Quilts, Hand -woven spreads

Applique and Chainstitch Embroidered pillows ,

Soapstone soapdishes, Blue Pottery Soapdishes, Handmade scissors, Wood Blocks....

Rugs- Solid Rui Rag Rugs Woven Bedspreads

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Chainstitch chain stitch Klimt pillows, rugs, Kandinsky pillows, Miro rugs and pillows, chainstich